The Book

Several years ago I started to write a book about my journey into the world of energy healing. Originally it was meant to answer three questions;

1. How did I get into this?

2. Was I any good at it? and

3. Why was I not pursuing it full-time?

Note: You can ignore a calling but you can’t quit.

I’d written about 100 pages and started to see the answers, but I had other things to do so the manuscript idled for a year or more. I added to it now and then, and eventually, I shared a very rough draft with a friend who suggested it might help others on a similar path. I shared it with another friend who hasn’t spoken to me since.

In the meantime, I’d written two other books, United States Censuous Bureau, The Adventures of a 2020 Census Enumerator, and A Cigar Box Full of Short Stories, both being collections of short stories in ebook and audiobook formats.

I’ve enjoyed writing when I’ve been able to make time for it, and over the course of a few decades, I’d put together a small collection (A Cigar Box Full) of stories from childhood. Some of the stories had readers nearly peeing themselves with laughter and urging me to put them out there.

In 2020 I spent a little over two months working as an enumerator for the Census Bureau and had one memorable experience after another. One day I wrote a few pages about an experience and sent it to my supervisor, who promptly forwarded it to her supervisor, and then asked me if it was okay to do that, and also telling me he loved it too and he wanted permission to forward it to others in the department.

That encouraged me to write more. So I’d write about my adventures in the evenings or on rainy days, and then after the work ended I wrote a few more short stories about my time with the 2020 Census and put it away.

Covid-19 was still restricting our activities and I had time to spare, so I looked into what it would take to publish some of what I had. Publishing an ebook is dead easy. However, I was told by a number of people that I should narrate the stories. They really liked my voice, tone, inflections, etc.

I tried several microphones and different software, and had to record when the world was quiet. A good microphone will pickup the sound of an insect flying in the room. You may not see the insect, but I’d put headphones on and I’d hear it, and the motorcycle a half-mile away, and the big-rig, and the chain saws, lawn mowers, etc. Long story short, I persisted and put something together that made it through the quality control hoops at Audible, Amazon, and Apple.

I’m told few people like the sound of their own voice, and I was no exception. However, as it turns out, I was getting such over-the-top compliments on each of those two smaller projects that I pulled out the draft of “Healing With Subtle Energy” and began looking at it as a contender for the next project.

Healing With Subtle Energy is quite different from the other two books, and yet it too can be seen as a collection of short stories, chapters of highlights along the path. Miraculous healings spurred me on to find answers, and improve as a healer, and persist in spite of the pitfalls that made me want to quit. And in reviewing the manuscript I felt again that others might benefit from this story.

Some volunteers are reviewing the ebook manuscript and listening to the audio and I’m beginning to wonder if a how-to book would be in order. It would require considerably more effort, needing illustrations and such. I cut through a lot of confusion to derive the most workable techniques, and I believe anyone sincerely interested in doing this work could do it with some efficacy, and that is where the real value lies.

The tone of Healing With Subtle Energy is different from other titles in the genre. I share success and failure, I mention what worked and what didn’t. And I call BS when I see it.

Thomas Paine said “he who dare not offend cannot be honest.”

I’ll leave it at that.

~ S

Still Water Runs Deep

The way subtle energy moves through me has changed over the years. As blockages to the free flow of this energy through and around my body have been cleared the energy flows more smoothly. It’s more like a calm stream now, or a gentle breeze, whereas before it was like water flowing around rocks, in the shallows or rapids, or wind in the trees.

For a time I had a sense of loss about not feeling the energy quite as much as I used to. The turbulence it produced, the sensations of it flowing out of my hands was familiar and it felt powerful and it’s absence was a bit disconcerting. I even got a little depressed about this change and wondered if my healing abilities were waning as the energy sensations abated. I took a break from healing work and reached for new understandings. The phrase “physician heal thyself” came to mind as I tried to get the energy flowing like it used to, all the while reintegrating, reshuffling all I had learned before.

About ten months ago someone took me to dinner and our conversation meandered around a variety of topics as it normally does at a social supper, not focusing on anything in particular for too long. Then, as my host finished his meal he asked me to do some healing work on him and he reached into his pocket and handed me a significant sum of money.

He said he didn’t care if my healing worked or not, and said he wanted to contribute to my well-being and to help finance my experiments in hydroponics. For some reason, he believed in my healing work and my efforts to help people grow their own fresh food. I don’t recall speaking about either of these to any great depth with the guy. We hadn’t spent much time together, and we didn’t really know one another. He had told me his sister did some healing work using the emotional freedom technique, so I guess he had something to go on there.

I accepted the money, finished eating, and we left the restaurant. In the parking lot, the man lit up a cigarette and talked about his business. I was more interested in his health issues and asked what he wanted me to work on. He said he had pain in his right hip and knee.

I stood about five feet away, avoiding cigarette smoke and held my right hand, palm open, by my side and lightly focused my attention first on his hip and then on his right knee. I felt strong sensations and told him the pain in the hip was bone deep and much stronger than the pain in his knee. He nodded slowly and agreed. He then told me about pain in his shoulder.

In doing this I realized a shift had occurred in the way I focused and felt his energy. I’d not done it quite like that before, and the energetic feedback was instant and was acknowledged by the client right away. I told the man I would work on him from a distance that evening.

Sometime after I got home I focused on the mans’ aura, or energy body, and opened my palm to feel it. Right away I felt a profound shift in his energy field and I stopped. I waited twenty minutes or so before repeating the same action. Again there was a shift in his energy field, but not as profound. Once more I stopped and waited before continuing. I repeated this several times before ending the session.

In the morning I got a text from the man saying “Whatever you are doing is working!” He let me know he had slept better than he had in a long time and his arm and shoulder were no longer hurting.

I continued working on the man for several days, but only working for a few minutes at a time. This was a new way of working with subtle-energy that was working very well.

A month or so later I received a phone call from a woman who said her husband had hurt his back and that this had happened before. In the past when this would happen, he would go to a chiropractor for a few months for it to heal and that was very expensive and they couldn’t really afford it, and on top of this, he would be out of work. At that moment my dinner was ready and I told her I would work on him as soon as I finished eating. She said he was in the shower anyway and thanked me and we said goodbye.

After eating I tried the new technique again, paying close attention to what I was sensing. As I reached into the mans’ energy field I sensed a profound shift and I quickly withdrew. I reasoned that what I felt was a surface manifestation and there were many changes taking place beneath the surface that I didn’t need to be involved with. The energy I added to his aura, or the way it was applied, or something like that, caused a cascade of effects that I didn’t need to tend to. As an analogy, when you water a plant you don’t have to do more than give it the water and some time for the plant to take it in.

About twenty minutes later I repeated the steps and again noticed a shift, which was much more subtle, and I quickly let it go.

Later that evening the woman called to let me know her husband was feeling fine and she thanked me profusely. I was quite happy and asked if she had anything she needed healing work on. She told me her hip had been giving her pain for something like forty years or more.

This time I barely touched her energy body from a distance and asked how she felt now. She paused a moment and said wait a moment, let me stand up and walk and see how it feels. She almost gasped as she said the pain is gone. She called across the room to her husband to look and see how she was walking normally.

It has taken some time to integrate how rapidly healing with subtle energy can happen like this. What might have taken hours before was taking a few minutes, or in some cases just a matter of a few seconds. I won’t say it’s completely routine, but it does feel like a new normal.

As I think about this shift in my healing work it seems important to understand it in a way that I could teach others how to do it. I’m going to have to think about this a bit more.


I like to balance my work with subtle energy with getting creative in the physical. Lately, I’ve been building sets part-time at a local children’s theater.

I helped on the Winnie The Pooh set, and the Beauty and the Beast set, but didn’t take photos. Below is a pic of the Mulan set.

The bridge is 8′ long and about 2′ wide. It’s on casters and at one point in the show the dragon, Mushu stands in the middle of it and two actors spin it around a couple of times. The show was a blast.

The big fan on the background is made of four hollow 4′ X 8′ panels that slide open to reveal the Imperial Palace painted on the wall behind it.

Mulan Set

The next set is for The Addams Family.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family show lasted over 2 hours with a 15-minute intermission. Quite a production. The cast rehearsed studied and rehearsed for about 5 months. The set went up in 3 days and the show ran for 3 days.

It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. A real physical workout. A great way to stay grounded here on planet Earth!

Music of The Spheres

When healing energy started flowing through me and started having positive effects on myself and others I began putting a lot of time into spiritual study and practice. I would sometimes meditate for hours at a stretch. At other times I would get absorbed in doing qigong practices for extended periods.

My qi gong instructor once said that the advanced way of doing the exercises he was teaching us was to slow them down. Just go real slow. No rush about them, no hurry. Well, I slowed them down to where my movements flowed like molasses in winter.

Even though I was entering a new relationship with the world around me, there were aspects of it that felt very stable, very grounded. At other times I would be treated to another aspect of life that I’d never been aware of before. Two of them come to mind this morning.

A couple of times I heard what I describe as ‘heavenly chimes’. They were musical tones that I’d say were celestial. There were no physical chimes anywhere near me and yet these tones were quite definite and captured my attention fully. They didn’t last long, less than a minute, but they were exquisitely beautiful. Later I would learn that others experienced them as well and they were called ‘music of the spheres’. 

Another phenomenon I experienced about that same time-frame was picking up on the scent of what I’ll call celestial fragrances. The one I remember most is a delicate aroma of camellia blossoms. Camellia blossoms smell somewhat like a delicate version of magnolia. At first, I thought I caught I whiff of a magnolia blossom, but it was the middle of winter and there weren’t any magnolia or camellia around. This didn’t last long, but It happened several times and I mentioned it to someone I was comfortable sharing these new experiences with.   

For whatever reason I instinctively knew that I should not try to hold on to or try to cause these phenomenon to happen. Just appreciate them as they happen and let them go. I thought about the poppies in the movie The Wizard of Oz and thought I could get distracted and lose my direction if I paid too much attention to these things. As wonderful as they are, they are sensations you may find on the path, but not the destination. 

~ S

Experimental Gardens

About ten years before healing energy came on strong with me I had begun experimenting with hydroponics to grow fresh fruit and vegetables in small spaces, like a porch or patio, or a small backyard. I enjoyed it. It was mainly a hobby, but I was also interested in what it would take to bring this technology to average people. It seems inevitable that it will happen and I wondered what I might contribute to the effort.

When the healing work began my experimental gardens took a backseat to what I felt was more important work. Nevertheless I continued to work on hydroponic gardens in my spare time. I studied motors and pumps to figure out which one’s would be best for running on solar power. I studied electronics to create low-cost automatic dosing circuits, I studied plant foods and designed systems on my computer while searching the internet for the right combination of materials, components, plant foods, and the rest.

Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that bringing a cost effective way to grow high quality fresh produce to mass markets could be the most important or the most effective thing I could do as a healer. It would surely reach more people and have a greater impact than I could on my own. It was then that the work took on a sense of seriousness that pushed it beyond being just a hobby. 

Getting about 150 lbs. of tomatoes from a single vine in the open air in my backyard was good and well, but I wanted to make it easy, and cost effective for just about anyone to be as successful with it, and not just with tomatoes. 

Low cost computers the size of a credit card did not exist when I started. Neither did the motors or the pumps I use. These and other components will continue to evolve, and costs will continue to go down, but the direction is set and systems that could pay for themselves in a single season by growing thousands of pounds of food in a typical backyard are now possible.

I’ve been at it a long time and I’ve enjoyed the task but it’s time to bring it to the world. The designs will be tweaked going forward, but the fundamentals are laid out. I’m making these designs open-source to allow others to build, experiment, collaborate and carry the work forward. I think it’s something worth doing.

Background info and documentation can be seen here:  Like I said, it’s a work in progress. I could use help and more hours in my days. If you’d like to contribute, let me know. If you’d like to be a patron and help fund the work, please do!

~ S