Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift

The dictionary defines a paradigm shift as a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

In subtle energy healing work I’ve noticed a lot of changes of this nature in how I sense and work with the energy. Early on my aura grew wooly with energy, but now my energy is softer, more subtle and I’m more sensitive to discordant energy patterns in the people I work on. How I deal with these things is different now too.

Years ago I went through a significant paradigm shift when I first became aware of subtle energy. Sensing an energy that science doesn’t generally acknowledge took some getting used to. It forced me to reassess my assumptions about how the universe works. 

Learning how to work with subtle energy to help heal others was another shift, and then doing it at a distance was another shift, and as the results became more dramatic another shift occurred. And these shifts continue; some smaller, some larger.

I would learn techniques and gain some sense of certainty about it all, then I’d be introduced to a new technique, then still another technique, and then still more. My certainty would tend to coalesce as I’d reconcile various teachings with one another and with my first-hand experiences, and then a miracle might happen and my certainty would fall to pieces like a Jenga tower coming down.

Over and over I’d be left wondering about it all. How did that happen? Is it going to happen again?  How far beyond the pale will this line of work take me? Do I need to know? How much do I need to know?

I’ll end here with a quote from Patrice Ouellet:

The Quest 

There is no more powerful force in humans than the quest … the quest for certainty to be confirmed or the opposite, the quest motivated by doubt. Those looking for certainties are often attracted by simple answers, quick fixes. It is said of them that with a little luck, they can live happily. In contrast, those who doubt must commit themselves to a deep, difficult, and endless search. With a little luck, this will push them forward, and all of us with them. 

~ S

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