I am ______

I am ______

Before you fill in the blank pause a moment and contemplate what came before “I am” and what might be motivating the way you’d finish the sentence.

“I am angry!” A reaction to something?

“I am worthy!” An affirmation to recover from feeling less than worthy?

“I am King of the World!” Enjoying life to the max, like Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie Titanic?

“I am tired.” Acceptance of an existing condition? An excuse to avoid doing something?

Some “I ams” imply desire: “I am hungry,” “I am thirsty,” “I am horny.”

Some imply resistance. “I am not happy with, or about, or because of _____”. 

Life can be a swirl of desire and resist, mild to strong, like to love, dislike to hate. And satisfaction can be as fleeting as the gap between thoughts.

Conditioning of a binary programming language of push and pull, resist and desire, mostly running on automatic, propels us through life. Much of the programming is helpful, like the heart programmed to beat, the lungs programmed to breathe, senses programmed to sense and so on.

Then there’s conditioning on a par with forgotten software running in the background or a virus consuming resources, burning up our attention and giving little to nothing in return.  

Interesting observation here: When you reduce the intensity of desire and resist, satisfaction and the innate grace of life automatically increases. 

Recall a time you quit being angry about something and the grace and ease that flowed back into your life, maybe a little happiness too. Recall letting go of a strong conviction and the relief from the stress that went with it. 

Rather than create more ‘I ams’ along with all they imply, every once in a while, every now and then, be who you are before I am.

~ S

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