Sitting Quietly

I was sitting quietly, observing my thoughts, a few memories, and the sensations in my body. I recognized that was not my thoughts, and I was not the sensations, and I wasn’t the memory of the person I watched earlier in the day who went into a tirade of abuse for something she imagined. I didn’t hang around to find out what it was all about.

We tend to get attached to our mind-stuff. I think we’re addicted to it. Who would we be without it?

Not doing something can sometimes be a lot harder than doing it. Ask anyone who has ever quit smoking. 

Not entertaining mind-stuff is like that. I’ve heard people say they would die if they quit thinking. Of course that’s not true, but addictions can make you think you’d die without them. 

Thoughts have inertia! They can keep going long after you think you’re done with them! It makes me wonder if thoughts think. Self-perpetuating thoughts that feed on attention. Any kind of attention!

We can quit for a short while then pick it back up again. Laughter can do that, make you stop thinking for a while. Some absurd punch-line bumps our thinking process off the rails and we get a break from incessant mind chatter.

Once in a while for no apparent reason I’ll suddenly be aware that I haven’t been thinking. I usually wonder how long it’s been going on. The mental space around my head seems clearer. I feel lighter, and my body is not asking for attention. I realize it’s all good and suspect there’s a correlation there with not thinking. 

It’s nice to get in the back-seat and let life drive the big rig from time to time. It seems to know what it’s doing. 

~ S

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