I Wonder…

I heard Joel Goldsmith say in one of his taped lectures that we have to let go of the personality either on this, or on the other side of the grave and it got me to thinking about dead people with an excess of personality just rolling along not much differently from the way they did before they passed.

It stands to reason that smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts would be jonesing for a fix. And I suppose whatever you put a lot of attention on while in a body could continue to attract your attention once relieved of your body. 

Imagine politicians spending a lifetime lusting after power, brokering influence, playing the game of being self-serving to the hilt suddenly being without a body, without money, without power or influence. They’d probably get together with other dead politicians and carry on as if they were still more important or better than the rest of us.

I wondered would a dead cult leader be swamped with dead followers? A dead rock star mobbed by dead adoring fans? 

Would seekers of enlightenment continue their seeking, looking for an entry to a still higher plane of existence? Maybe they’d seek out Jesus or Buddha for pointers on what to do now? 

Thoughts like these passed through my mind for about a week, and I eventually came to the conclusion that I should probably go bowling more often. 

~ S

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