Instant Karma

There’s a quote by St. Francis of Assisi that has been intriguing me for some time now. The quote is: “It is in giving that we receive”.  At the intellectual level it sounds nice enough, but I’m finding when we increase our ability to sense subtle energies we can actually feel the veracity of that statement. It’s there to be experienced.

Try this experiment: Think of someone you care about. Now think of blessing them with deep inner peace. Really feel the deep inner peace as you direct it towards them. Feel the peace in your heart and throughout your body. Keep it up and you will be absolutely radiating deep inner peace. 

Try some variations on this. Wish for something good for someone. Wish for someone to feel loved. Wish or bless, or otherwise send some nice energy, nice intentions, nice feelings to someone, or a pet or even a wild animal. Wish for healing or peace and other blessings for a region where there has been a tragedy or disaster in the world.  Take your time to really feel what it is you are bestowing on whoever you are sending this energy to.

If you are actually doing this, not just thinking about it, you will feel it in your body. As you give inner peace, you receive it, perhaps you are actually generating it,  creating it on demand, but either way, you get the benefit of the blessing.

 As we practice and grow ever more sensitive to subtle energy we become more aware of the effects of our thoughts and intentions and the subtle energies associated with them. If we wish ill on someone, we feel it too. It’s been said that being angry at someone is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Whether or not the other person receives any effect from your anger, you certainly will feel the effects of it. Similarly, whether or not the people, places, pets, etc. that you bless feel any effect of it, you certainly will.

If you feel lonely, despair, upset, grief, sadness… or any other unwanted feeling, try this: Think of someone and bless them with inner peace, with joy, happiness, loving kindness, and anything else you might like to have for yourself. It’s good to remember “It is in giving that we receive”.  Its like instant karma.

~ S

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