When Symptoms Return

When symptoms return  after a seemingly miraculous healing it’s safe to assume the root of the problem had not been dealt with. This is analogous to pulling the tops off weeds. A lawn can quickly be cleared of dandelions by mowing, but they will return if they aren’t taken out by the root. 

Rapid results can be impressive, pain and swelling may disappear for example, but deeper work often remains to be done. I’m not one for psychologizing as to the why and wherefore of symptoms, that’s above my pay-grade. I work with what seems to be an intelligent energy that appears to know what to do. I do my part and get out of the way so it can do what it does.

Significant healing may happen in seconds or minutes within a session, or it may happen in the hours and days following a session. When the flow of energy gets going it tends to continue to clear the energetic pathways. It’s normal for healing to continue. Nevertheless, having additional sessions after symptoms have abated or even disappeared altogether is a good idea.

Additional sessions can go deeper and work on things below the surface. 

~ S

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