Experimental Gardens

About ten years before healing energy came on strong with me I had begun experimenting with hydroponics to grow fresh fruit and vegetables in small spaces, like a porch or patio, or a small backyard. I enjoyed it. It was mainly a hobby, but I was also interested in what it would take to bring this technology to average people. It seems inevitable that it will happen and I wondered what I might contribute to the effort.

When the healing work began my experimental gardens took a backseat to what I felt was more important work. Nevertheless I continued to work on hydroponic gardens in my spare time. I studied motors and pumps to figure out which one’s would be best for running on solar power. I studied electronics to create low-cost automatic dosing circuits, I studied plant foods and designed systems on my computer while searching the internet for the right combination of materials, components, plant foods, and the rest.

Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that bringing a cost effective way to grow high quality fresh produce to mass markets could be the most important or the most effective thing I could do as a healer. It would surely reach more people and have a greater impact than I could on my own. It was then that the work took on a sense of seriousness that pushed it beyond being just a hobby. 

Getting about 150 lbs. of tomatoes from a single vine in the open air in my backyard was good and well, but I wanted to make it easy, and cost effective for just about anyone to be as successful with it, and not just with tomatoes. 

Low cost computers the size of a credit card did not exist when I started. Neither did the motors or the pumps I use. These and other components will continue to evolve, and costs will continue to go down, but the direction is set and systems that could pay for themselves in a single season by growing thousands of pounds of food in a typical backyard are now possible.

I’ve been at it a long time and I’ve enjoyed the task but it’s time to bring it to the world. The designs will be tweaked going forward, but the fundamentals are laid out. I’m making these designs open-source to allow others to build, experiment, collaborate and carry the work forward. I think it’s something worth doing.

Background info and documentation can be seen here: seymourhpg.com  Like I said, it’s a work in progress. I could use help and more hours in my days. If you’d like to contribute, let me know. If you’d like to be a patron and help fund the work, please do!

~ S

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