Music of The Spheres

When healing energy started flowing through me and started having positive effects on myself and others I began putting a lot of time into spiritual study and practice. I would sometimes meditate for hours at a stretch. At other times I would get absorbed in doing qigong practices for extended periods.

My qi gong instructor once said that the advanced way of doing the exercises he was teaching us was to slow them down. Just go real slow. No rush about them, no hurry. Well, I slowed them down to where my movements flowed like molasses in winter.

Even though I was entering a new relationship with the world around me, there were aspects of it that felt very stable, very grounded. At other times I would be treated to another aspect of life that I’d never been aware of before. Two of them come to mind this morning.

A couple of times I heard what I describe as ‘heavenly chimes’. They were musical tones that I’d say were celestial. There were no physical chimes anywhere near me and yet these tones were quite definite and captured my attention fully. They didn’t last long, less than a minute, but they were exquisitely beautiful. Later I would learn that others experienced them as well and they were called ‘music of the spheres’. 

Another phenomenon I experienced about that same time-frame was picking up on the scent of what I’ll call celestial fragrances. The one I remember most is a delicate aroma of camellia blossoms. Camellia blossoms smell somewhat like a delicate version of magnolia. At first, I thought I caught I whiff of a magnolia blossom, but it was the middle of winter and there weren’t any magnolia or camellia around. This didn’t last long, but It happened several times and I mentioned it to someone I was comfortable sharing these new experiences with.   

For whatever reason I instinctively knew that I should not try to hold on to or try to cause these phenomenon to happen. Just appreciate them as they happen and let them go. I thought about the poppies in the movie The Wizard of Oz and thought I could get distracted and lose my direction if I paid too much attention to these things. As wonderful as they are, they are sensations you may find on the path, but not the destination. 

~ S

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