I began learning about healing in the mid 70’s but it wasn’t until 2004 that healing energy began flowing in and around my body in a major way. I instinctively knew it was important to learn as much as I could in order to manage the energy responsibly and to heal myself and others with it.

I often ran into a variety of phenomenon I read or heard about, such as being able to see or feel subtle energy in and around others. I soon learned to feel congestions and blockages of energy, and how to clear them. Coming to an understanding of these and many other things related to them, and how they apply to healing became the foundation of my work, which continues to evolve to this day.

Answers to questions sometimes showed up right on time in the form of a book or a teacher or a friendly guide with sage advice.

Thousands of hours of training, study, and practice took me through a wide range of learning experiences. Some of the experiences were directly related to the material I studied, but I also had many experiences that I had no reference for.

I’d regularly find myself in uncharted territory and I’d not know what to make of what was happening. Some things didn’t fit in with what I’d been taught.

Eventually, I realized that if you go far enough in any field of endeavor, at some point you will go beyond the bounds of what is known or perhaps you’ll go beyond your teachers and may need to find new teachers.

The work and the results evolved in stages. Techniques I once relied on were superseded by more advanced techniques, and then those were displaced by even more advanced techniques, and so on. Eventually though, for a variety of reasons I gave up. I all but quit for about 4 years. But the work kept calling me. People asked for help and I would do what I could.

In time I returned to the work, albeit quite tentatively. I didn’t want to think about the techniques I’d been taught or the masters who taught them. I no longer trusted them the way I had before. I wanted God or angels, or The Universe itself to show me what to do. Now, it seems, teaching and learning are more direct, more dynamic and spontaneous.

Also, the energy is lighter now. Sometimes there’s so little energy about it I hesitate to call it energy work. And more gets done with less energy, in less time.  So, I’ll continue on this path that I’ve been called to yet again, and I’ll find what I find.

It seems I was destined to go in this direction from the start. I didn’t know what it was at the time, and I had no exposure to any teachings about it, but I recall playing with subtle energy as a child. I could feel it in my hands and I’d play with it, pushing and pulling at it between my hands. It wasn’t something I talked to others about. I hadn’t heard anyone else talk about it and I didn’t want to be called a weird kid. Years later, after becoming a healer, a few people suggested I may have been a healer in past lives. I can’t say if that’s true or not, but sometimes it feels like might be.

One of my long range goals is to help de-mystify healing with subtle energy. I believe with proper study and practice, most people could attain some level of ability in healing with it. With that said, healers often function as a conduit and work with intelligent energy that is beyond human comprehension. Therefore, in some sense, it will always remain a mystery.

We can learn quite a lot about it and learn to work in harmony with it but eventually, we give ourselves over to a greater wisdom that feels like its an inherent aspect of the energy itself. It’s not ours to own or control. Eventually, at some point, every technique will ultimately fail. Static answers, routine procedures, or canned techniques won’t work.  We will be forced at some stage of life’s journey to work in partnership with the greater intelligence, it’s energy and the mystery.

I feel I’ve been given a gift with this ability to heal with subtle energy. It is an honor to able to help others with it.

~ S