When Symptoms Return

When symptoms return  after a seemingly miraculous healing it’s safe to assume the root of the problem had not been dealt with. This is analogous to pulling the tops off weeds. A lawn can quickly be cleared of dandelions by mowing, but they will return if they aren’t taken out by the root. 

Rapid results can be impressive, pain and swelling may disappear for example, but deeper work often remains to be done. I’m not one for psychologizing as to the why and wherefore of symptoms, that’s above my pay-grade. I work with what seems to be an intelligent energy that appears to know what to do. I do my part and get out of the way so it can do what it does.

Significant healing may happen in seconds or minutes within a session, or it may happen in the hours and days following a session. When the flow of energy gets going it tends to continue to clear the energetic pathways. It’s normal for healing to continue. Nevertheless, having additional sessions after symptoms have abated or even disappeared altogether is a good idea.

Additional sessions can go deeper and work on things below the surface. 

~ S

Instant Karma

There’s a quote by St. Francis of Assisi that has been intriguing me for some time now. The quote is: “It is in giving that we receive”.  At the intellectual level it sounds nice enough, but I’m finding when we increase our ability to sense subtle energies we can actually feel the veracity of that statement. It’s there to be experienced.

Try this experiment: Think of someone you care about. Now think of blessing them with deep inner peace. Really feel the deep inner peace as you direct it towards them. Feel the peace in your heart and throughout your body. Keep it up and you will be absolutely radiating deep inner peace. 

Try some variations on this. Wish for something good for someone. Wish for someone to feel loved. Wish or bless, or otherwise send some nice energy, nice intentions, nice feelings to someone, or a pet or even a wild animal. Wish for healing or peace and other blessings for a region where there has been a tragedy or disaster in the world.  Take your time to really feel what it is you are bestowing on whoever you are sending this energy to.

If you are actually doing this, not just thinking about it, you will feel it in your body. As you give inner peace, you receive it, perhaps you are actually generating it,  creating it on demand, but either way, you get the benefit of the blessing.

 As we practice and grow ever more sensitive to subtle energy we become more aware of the effects of our thoughts and intentions and the subtle energies associated with them. If we wish ill on someone, we feel it too. It’s been said that being angry at someone is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die. Whether or not the other person receives any effect from your anger, you certainly will feel the effects of it. Similarly, whether or not the people, places, pets, etc. that you bless feel any effect of it, you certainly will.

If you feel lonely, despair, upset, grief, sadness… or any other unwanted feeling, try this: Think of someone and bless them with inner peace, with joy, happiness, loving kindness, and anything else you might like to have for yourself. It’s good to remember “It is in giving that we receive”.  Its like instant karma.

~ S

I Wonder…

I heard Joel Goldsmith say in one of his taped lectures that we have to let go of the personality either on this, or on the other side of the grave and it got me to thinking about dead people with an excess of personality just rolling along not much differently from the way they did before they passed.

It stands to reason that smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts would be jonesing for a fix. And I suppose whatever you put a lot of attention on while in a body could continue to attract your attention once relieved of your body. 

Imagine politicians spending a lifetime lusting after power, brokering influence, playing the game of being self-serving to the hilt suddenly being without a body, without money, without power or influence. They’d probably get together with other dead politicians and carry on as if they were still more important or better than the rest of us.

I wondered would a dead cult leader be swamped with dead followers? A dead rock star mobbed by dead adoring fans? 

Would seekers of enlightenment continue their seeking, looking for an entry to a still higher plane of existence? Maybe they’d seek out Jesus or Buddha for pointers on what to do now? 

Thoughts like these passed through my mind for about a week, and I eventually came to the conclusion that I should probably go bowling more often. 

~ S

Sitting Quietly

I was sitting quietly, observing my thoughts, a few memories, and the sensations in my body. I recognized that was not my thoughts, and I was not the sensations, and I wasn’t the memory of the person I watched earlier in the day who went into a tirade of abuse for something she imagined. I didn’t hang around to find out what it was all about.

We tend to get attached to our mind-stuff. I think we’re addicted to it. Who would we be without it?

Not doing something can sometimes be a lot harder than doing it. Ask anyone who has ever quit smoking. 

Not entertaining mind-stuff is like that. I’ve heard people say they would die if they quit thinking. Of course that’s not true, but addictions can make you think you’d die without them. 

Thoughts have inertia! They can keep going long after you think you’re done with them! It makes me wonder if thoughts think. Self-perpetuating thoughts that feed on attention. Any kind of attention!

We can quit for a short while then pick it back up again. Laughter can do that, make you stop thinking for a while. Some absurd punch-line bumps our thinking process off the rails and we get a break from incessant mind chatter.

Once in a while for no apparent reason I’ll suddenly be aware that I haven’t been thinking. I usually wonder how long it’s been going on. The mental space around my head seems clearer. I feel lighter, and my body is not asking for attention. I realize it’s all good and suspect there’s a correlation there with not thinking. 

It’s nice to get in the back-seat and let life drive the big rig from time to time. It seems to know what it’s doing. 

~ S

I am ______

I am ______

Before you fill in the blank pause a moment and contemplate what came before “I am” and what might be motivating the way you’d finish the sentence.

“I am angry!” A reaction to something?

“I am worthy!” An affirmation to recover from feeling less than worthy?

“I am King of the World!” Enjoying life to the max, like Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie Titanic?

“I am tired.” Acceptance of an existing condition? An excuse to avoid doing something?

Some “I ams” imply desire: “I am hungry,” “I am thirsty,” “I am horny.”

Some imply resistance. “I am not happy with, or about, or because of _____”. 

Life can be a swirl of desire and resist, mild to strong, like to love, dislike to hate. And satisfaction can be as fleeting as the gap between thoughts.

Conditioning of a binary programming language of push and pull, resist and desire, mostly running on automatic, propels us through life. Much of the programming is helpful, like the heart programmed to beat, the lungs programmed to breathe, senses programmed to sense and so on.

Then there’s conditioning on a par with forgotten software running in the background or a virus consuming resources, burning up our attention and giving little to nothing in return.  

Interesting observation here: When you reduce the intensity of desire and resist, satisfaction and the innate grace of life automatically increases. 

Recall a time you quit being angry about something and the grace and ease that flowed back into your life, maybe a little happiness too. Recall letting go of a strong conviction and the relief from the stress that went with it. 

Rather than create more ‘I ams’ along with all they imply, every once in a while, every now and then, be who you are before I am.

~ S